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WE believe everyone deserves a Champion 

Why a Champion?


     You do not need to be a breeder or in the show ring to have a champion dog. Every dog that I breed has champion bloodlines. Why? Because I want only the finest of poodles and I want you to have the finest poodle.  A champion bloodline will insure a dog with qualities of a champion: A beautiful healthy poodle that looks like a poodle, a highly intelligent and easily trainable dog. 


Why a Poodle?


     Are you looking for a loyal, allergy friendly, easily trainable, intelligent, therapy-suitable, family dog? A guard dog that keeps you company and stays by your side no matter what? You have come to the right place!! You're looking for a POODLE!!!!


     Here at Champion Poodles we believe in doing things naturally. We do not artificially inseminate or force breed in any way. We also believe a poodle is born the way that God intended it to be. Therefore, we do not dock tails and we do not remove dew claws. Please use the following link to learn about dew claws and their purpose. Dew Claws Explained. And why would anyone ever cut off those BEAUTIFUL tails!!!

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