Champion Poodles is located in Kannapolis, NC. 

Thru our mentor we have over 30 years combined experience in importing and breeding only the finest dogs. We follow strict guidelines in our poodle breeding program and all of our poodles have passed all genetic health tests recommended.


Are you looking for an easily trainable, intelligent, easy-care, therapy-suitable, allergy-friendly and family dog? A guard dog, a dog that keeps you company and stays by your side no matter what? In big, small or tiny? In black, brown, Red, White or Cream?




A poodle will always be what the owner makes of him/her. A show dog - or a friend for life. A poodle guards the stroller and helps the baby with the first steps like a Labrador. He accompanies you while walking, jogging, mountaineering and swimming like a retriever, running beside the bike or a  horse like a Dalmatian. He is as faithful as a Shepherd, watchful as a Rottweiler and as elegant as a Doberman. He is as cute as a Yorkie, playful as a chihuahua and all in four practical sizes.


Poodles are allergy friendly because they do not shed. Poodles do not smell like "dog". 


We don't breed Poodles just to multiply them. We breed responsibly with a goal to improve the breed. You should not breed unless you have a goal and never breed for commercial purposes. Breeding is very time-consuming and a financially consuming hobby. Besides all the necessary regulations and love for the breed, most of all knowledge and goals are necessary to be considered a good breeder.

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