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Name: Muffin

Muffin is a little bit of everything! She is a true sweet heart, a wonderful mother, and as close to a lap dog as I have. She takes excellent care of her puppies and teaches them well as they grow. She loves to be held like a baby and won't hardly move so you don't put her down. 

7.5 pounds

poodle puppy
Black toy poodle

Imported from Europe

Name: Black Queen Toyoshima (Zoja)

I love my little Zoja!! She is my smallest and most fearless. She is my little guard dog. She loves her humans and puppies and no one better mess with either! 

6 pounds

female toy poodle | Zoja
female poodle | Luna

American Born

Name:  Luna Ostrova (Luna)

poodle puppy | Muffin
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